keeping faith in hard times

Keeping faith in Hard Times

Are we Welcoming Change?

Change – we all want it, right?  We don’t like our current economic system but it brings us a certain sense of security.  We may not have much, but at least we are getting by.  Many people figure it could be worse.

We want change in the medical field.   We think our HMO’s and drug companies are out of control.  We want to find ways to stop crime too, but the current medical and justice systems provide a lot of jobs.

There are millions of people getting rich off the current systems – and even more people getting by day to day because of the present systems. They may not have much, but at least they have something.  They are honest people who live in gratitude that at least they have a roof over their heads in these tough economic times.

Before new systems can come into place, though, the old systems have to go.  Before your new job in a new field opens us, the old job has to be done away with.

The very change we say we embrace can fill people with a sense of fearfulness, insecurity and panic.  Perhaps that is the biggest challenge to our society today – to keep the faith during the changes that are at our doorstep – and – change IS here.

God has declared it in sacred texts.  We see it in the weather patterns.   We know it through personal messages from Spirit.  More and more people are receiving those messages every day through their dreams and their intuition and their inner knowing.   We have been promised peace, but in order for the peace to come, the wars must stop.  We have been promised abundance, but before we can receive it we have to let go of the old blocks.

In order for God to place new blessings in our hands they must be empty and held out in faith.  Therein lies the challenge in change – letting go of what we have and living through the uncertainty of the in-between time, while believing in a beautiful future. We need to focus on keeping faith in hard times.  May you all, with the help of God, keep the faith.

Blessings to all, Elaine

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