keys to happiness in life

Keys to Happiness In Life

Something Wonderful

What do you consider to be wonderful?  What makes you happy?  A lot of people would answer that wonderful things and happy moments are always attached to an event or a person or an acquisition.

The true spiritual seeker might answer very differently.  A wonderful moment might be when you are completely still and heart centered in need of ‘nothing’ – nothing at all.

Happiness might flow out from you when you think of how much you love someone, or you think about how much God loves you.

Beautiful, wonderful, happy moments are not reserved for the few – or the special – or the rich – or the beautiful.   They are internal and they are there for you to claim.

Beautiful, wonderful, happy moments flow into you every time you establish an open connection with the Divine.

If you are always busy – thinking, managing and working,  – you may have never experienced the true joy of being.

In your state of just being – just being centered – just being with God – just being connected to Divine love ——  in that state you will find all the joy and wonder you will ever require. Those are the keys to happiness in life.

Blessed Be, Elaine


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