Kindness and Compassion

Kindness and Compassion

Kindness and Compassion –

Have you noticed lately, but our world is becoming kinder and more compassionate. It may not be showing up yet in the overall view of things, but look at the individuals and you may see some changes. There are more people willing to help their neighbor out. There are more organizations helping animals and human rights causes and tackling environmental problems than ever before. People are starting to act, rather than have their government or someone else act for them. The spotlight is not on these people to the extent that it is still on all the problem areas, but the large underground of humanity is beginning to change.

This is all part of the ascension process of the earth. People are rising up in vibration and helping each other along. It will be the collective of humanity that ultimately determines how fast we make our ascension journey, and how many stops and starts we have to experience along the way.

The only part any of us can do, each and every day, is our own part. We can wake to each new day asking how we can make a difference. Simple things like smiling at strangers you pass on the street help a lot. I saw a wonderful video this week about a practice that joggers and walkers are doing in a very organized way. They even call themselves loggers. They carry plastic bags with them and on their daily walks or jogs they pick up any litter they come across. What a beautiful and wonderful solution to a big problem. They are loving what they do. They are making their own part of the world more beautiful.

Kindness and compassion can be shown in countless numbers of ways in everything we do. It starts with your intention to offer those things whenever you have the chance. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to look beyond ourselves and see someone else. May your day be filled with kindness and may it bring you great joy.

Many blessings,

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  1. Last week right before I read the Tuesday message by Elaine, “Kindness and Compassion”, I had made a decision to make the following day an even more meaningful celebration of my students’ accomplishments. I had entered my kindergarten students in a local recycling bookmark contest for Earth Day earlier in the year. One of my students had won the kindergarten entry. I read books to them and raised their awareness about conservation. All work was completed by students in the classroom. As our class had a winning entry, the curriculum specialist for the organization was coming out to laude our creativity. In preparation, I found a video with a child’s version of Jackson’s “We are the World” replete with gestures. We had also learned a poem, “Recycle” writ large for the kindergarten experience, which I must admit, I secured from the trash earlier in the year. When I read the Tuesday Message that evening, I knew I was doing the right thing. The class absolutely loved the song which can be applied to any expression of kindness and compassion.

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