let your inner light shine

Let your Inner Light Shine

The Power of Loving.

A few weeks ago I spent the day at the beach with a wonderful friend.  We had an amazing  time.  We took the day off.  We didn’t ‘do’ anything.  We just loved the water and the sand.  We appreciated the weather and the beautiful blue sky and the clouds and the sun.  We walked the shoreline and paid attention to the places where the land had been eroded away and the tree roots were showing overhead.  We saw beauty everywhere and we loved everything.  We talked about our families, past and present, and we loved them too.

At the end of the day I had a brief moment where I thought that we had missed an opportunity to ‘send healing’ to the water and the earth, because we had ‘just’ been so busy enjoying and appreciating, and then I got it – one of those ah-ha moments.  What we did was better.  It came from the heart.  It carried the highest love and healing energy possible.

Many of you who read these messages know who you are – you are light workers.  Many of you who have never thought of yourselves in those terms, are lightworkers anyway.  You have always tried to bring light and love and truth to whatever you were involved in.  It wasn’t easy because we lived in a very dense vibrational environment, and we’ve been doing this for many, many years.  Lately, though, there has been a profound shift in the energies.  Our work has paid off.  Our environment is no longer so heavy.

We have been advised that it is time to retire from anything that requires effort.  We are being asked to just let ourselves be what we are:  beings of love.   We are now called to be light- holders.  We don’t have to work anymore 🙂

For everyone who is tired from the effort of working in the light so the planet can ascend, this is really good news.  We have made it.  Within a few short months we will see the results of our work filter down into our everyday lives.  Until then, just keep being what you are – let your inner light shine – and have a great day.

Blessings, Elaine

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