Let’s Create Some Fun

April 24,  2012 – Let’s Create Some Fun –

No one knows for sure exactly what the time frame will be before life is vastly different.  What we do know is that our planet is moving up dimensionally this December.  We will have to adjust to stay with her, so it’s pretty safe to assume that a lot of big changes will have to happen before years end.  No one knows for sure how long it will be before we manifest perfect health – but we know our days of being third dimensional are limited now, and fourth and fifth dimensional beings don’t have health problems.  No one knows for sure what life will look like in the future, but we do know it will be the manifestation of the dreams of the mass consciousness.

Most of the world wants peace – and food for all – and those things will become our reality.  Even now missiles fail – guns won’t fire – and our troops are coming home.  Even now we want honest leadership, and the self-serving leaders are falling by the wayside on a daily basis.  We want financial security and it is happening.  You can see that our wishes are being fulfilled because the current financial system is failing.   The day it actually falls will be the perfect time to stay home, stay in trust and celebrate.  It may take a few days for the new system to be put in place but it will thrill and delight you in its fairness and its simplicity.  It will be just what you wanted.

Dare to dream a dream today, and if enough people out there are dreaming it too, it will be part of our new reality.  Dare to dream a dream of a happy future for all and it is assured.  How’s that for being powerful creators?  We WILL get the world we think about the most, so please make it a great one.  Let’s even dare to have some fun with it.   Today I am envisioning a life where butter is good for us – and chocolate too – and you can never eat too much.  Want to live in that world with me?  Then just dream it.

Blessings, Elaine

There is a section on this website entitled ‘ascension updates’ (look to the right).   If you have never read it, it will give you a pretty good overview of our history.   Scroll down to the bottom and start there if you have never visited that page before.  As events happen I will be posting to that page – daily if necessary, to keep you informed.

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