Let’s Have Some Fun

January 5, 2010 –

Today let’s have some fun with reality.  You may look at your bank account and say  ‘I don’t have much’.  You may look at your cupboard and say ‘it is empty’.  You may look at your daily planner and say  ‘I have too much to do’.   All that may feel very real to you, and you may even want to argue with someone and say  ‘look, this is the way it is – this is reality – I don’t have much.’

Now consider this:  what you are seeing is the manifestation of yesterday’s reality.  You are a very powerful creator.  What you say and believe and think, happens to you.  Reality is what is going on inside of you.  The stuff you see is only the result of your reality.

Let’s look at today one more time.  Let’s rephrase.  ‘My bank account appears low today because that is what I believed about it in the past. ‘ ‘My cupboard appears empty because that is what I thought about it yesterday.’  ‘I have too much to do because I created this by my thoughts last week.’

Can you fix this?  Absolutely.  Just realize that what you see is not the real reality.  The real reality is what is going on inside of you right now.  What you think and feel and believe today is what is going to show up in the future.

That makes your beliefs and your words and your thoughts pretty powerful, doesn’t it? – worth paying attention to and changing if need be?  Well, it’s a brand new year and there has never been a better time for a brand new definition of reality.  Have fun with that.

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