letting go of old beliefs

Letting Go of Old Beliefs

Believe in your dreams because that is what will make them come true.  Think about that for a minute – the power of your belief system.  You’ve probably heard this old saying before: ‘ Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.’  You believe something, and so for you that belief is a truth that rules your life and attracts into your life that which you believe in.

Since our beginnings we have been taught what to believe.  We were taught by parents, schools, churches and society.  Then as we grew, we came to believe through our own experiences and information.   Our beliefs are not innate truths.  They may not be true at all.   They are merely things we have accepted and agreed to go along with.

Beliefs that come from our hearts have such incredible attracting and manifesting power that we need to examine them very carefully.

Beliefs that have been with us ‘forever’ need to be held up for examination as to their reality and truth.  They need to be released if new information shows them to be invalid.   Don’t let your human pride keep you from releasing the old and accepting the new.  It’s ok to change your beliefs.  Letting go of old beliefs is what people do as they mature and evolve.

You may have believed we were alone in this Universe.  Some day you may believe that we share this Universe with multitudes of other beings.  You may have believed you were powerless.  Some day you may believe that you can do more than you ever dreamed was possible.  You may have believed that suffering was unavoidable.  Some day you may believe that joy is attainable.  I believe that as we continue to educate ourselves, our beliefs will continue to change.

Today I choose to believe in most benevolent outcomes – and so for today, and for me, they shall be.

Blessings, Elaine

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