Levels of Spiritual Growth

Want Answers?

Many people are happy just to drive their cars. If something goes wrong they will call AAA or take the car to their local mechanic. Some people want to know what goes on under the hood and if their car breaks they want to be able to fix it. Neither action is right or wrong, it just is.

Some people are quite happy to live their lives without much thought or introspection. They just act or react without asking why. Others want to know what motivates them, and how they can take charge and create more abundance or joy.

That’s one of the beauties of this Planet. There are other places in the Universe that are biased toward some particular outcome and everyone automatically shares the same vision. Here we have each come with a slightly different vision, and we are attempting to learn how to honor not only our own, but everyone else’s too. That’s a big job and that’s why everyone else in the Universe is watching us and waiting to see how long it takes us to get it together. The celestials and off-worlders are actually in a holding pattern (not that they mind – they are in a place where there is no time as we know it) but evolution is the natural state for everyone.

Once planet earth ascends to a higher level of consciousness, all other life in the Universe rises up as well. That’s why the amount of support we have from off-world intelligences is astounding and most people are not even aware of it. Most humans still have their focus completely on the earth plane, and knowledge of their Soul Families in Spirit is not even relevant for them. Nevertheless, our Spiritual guides and guardians are always gently whispering in our ears. That often happens when we suddenly get a brilliant idea from ‘out of nowhere’, and we take the credit for being really smart. They don’t mind that either. They just want to help us get better.

Hope you are listening.
Blessings, Elaine

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