life lessons

Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Sometimes you can be in what feels like a lose/lose situation with some of the people in your life.  Heaven knows you’ve tried to change the situation with all the good intentions and reason at your command.  Talking doesn’t help.  Complaining doesn’t help.  Being still doesn’t help.  Leaving, although always an option, may not be practical.  Walking away helps sometimes, but you always have to come back.

Sometimes you can force change by being confrontational or introducing authorities into the mix.  That should always be the last resort, but there are circumstances where that may be required. It still doesn’t address your anxiety about the issue, though.

What if they are family members or neighbors or co-workers that you just can’t get away from with any degree of practicality?  What if they are not really doing anything wrong except annoying you? For your own peace of mind, you are going to have to find a way to interact that doesn’t leave you mad or sad.

If you are always frustrated or angry with someone, you need to find a better way.  If you are getting anxious or depressed, you need to find another way – for you and your own growth.  If interacting with them leaves you upset at all, and you can’t change them or the circumstances,  then you need to change something in yourself – for your own safety, sanity, and peace of mind.

Occasionally you may need to get very creative and look at yourself.  Figure out exactly what is bothering you and why.  The surface reason may not be the real reason.

Once in a while leaving is the answer, when the lesson is to learn not to put ourselves in places where we don’t fit.  Sometimes staying and allowing ourselves to grow into a higher vibration is the right answer for us.  The people and circumstances involved may in fact be some of our greatest teachers for some very tough life lessons.  We may have even written them into our life contract just for that reason.  Is anyone trying to teach you a lesson about acceptance, understanding, tolerance, kindness, generosity, faith, courage, non-judgement, forgiveness or self-worth?  Many times once the lesson is learned, the teachers just drift away or seem to change on their own.

Life lessons, once learned, bring us a sense of deep contentment and we can indeed be proud of ourselves for having learned them so well.

Many blessings,

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