Life is a Simple and Complicated Process

Life is a Simple and Complicated Process

Life is a Simple and Complicated Process –

We live in the ultimate divine paradox. Life on earth is on one hand extremely complex, convoluted, diverse, divided, and extreme. On the other hand life is filled with only 2 kinds of beings: those who are living in harmony with God’s plan for growth, and those who defy God’s plan for growth. Free will was given to us so that we could participate in God’s plan for the growth of love in many different ways.

Today I would like to talk about those who took the gift of free will that God lovingly and generously offered, and used their will to defy, confound, and derail God’s plan for love. Those people do exist. They cause most of the strife and unrest in our world today.

Another divine paradox is that while there is one law of karma, there are 2 very distinct ways it plays out. Those who are living in harmony with God’s plan for growth of love receive the gift of Divine Grace. Those who repeatedly defy the plan will face God’s wrath.

Many people feel that the world is about to end. In a sense they are right. The world we live in will not end, but the world of corruption we live in is in its death throes. The wrecking ball is swinging toward everything in our society that is decaying and not life affirming. Our job is to say “Thy will be done” – and to metaphorically pack our bags and head down the street to the local Holiday Inn where we will have great rooms, room service, food, a pool and a wonderful party.

In reality it means to stay back out of the way while things crumble around you. Stay in faith – fear won’t change the final glorious outcome, just might hamper your enjoyment of what will be. Life is a simple and complicated process. It will be a complicated process to unravel the evil step by step but it is being done. It can be a simple matter to emotionally remove yourself from the path of destruction, now that you know the truth.

Blessed Be,

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