lighten up your life

Lighten up your Life

aka The sponge theory.

We are in for a another season of change.  Higher vibrational energies have begun to hit this planet like never before.  They are even going to be intensifying throughout the next several years.  These energies may make some people feel irritated, unsettled, or frightened.  The same magnetic, solar and gravitational energies may make others feel excited and full of life.  These waves of energy also trigger intense heat and cold, hurricanes, volcanoes and often when people get aggitated, civil unrest.  There are two ways to deal with these waves.  You can brace yourselves, hold on to old ways of being and doing, and become very rigid – OR – you can become light and flexible and just bend and flow with the changes.

Another way to look at this is by examining a sponge.  If a sponge is new and fresh and moist you can squeeze it and stomp on it and throw it, and it will still be just fine.  If a sponge is old and dried out you can actually break it apart and damage it.  It’s also pretty useless.  So how do you become like a new moist sponge, able to absorb all the shock waves that may be hitting the planet, this summer and for the next several years?

The answer is to fill yourself with light.  You know what people mean when they tell someone to lighten up, to become less rigid, to go with the flow and maybe not take themselves so seriously.  But it’s true, you need to lighten up your life!
That is what we are talking about here.  Light is also love.  It is love of self and love of your fellow man.  To lighten up your life you also have to release your heavy ‘stuff’ – you know what that is:  your fears, and your frustrations and all the rest.

It’s pretty hard to lighten up your life when you think that what you see is all there is to life.  Therefore, another important consideration in becoming a lighter person is increasing and widening your vision.  It becomes essential at some point to look at this life as only one experience your soul has chosen.  Your soul has experienced many others in the past and will have many more experiences in the future.  Since this is the experience your soul has chosen for NOW, it would appear to make sense to look and listen as much as possible. It would serve you to become an observer of your life to see what it is you can learn and use the next time around, in addition to seeing what you brought in with the intention of transmuting this time around.

It will also serve you to remember that all these changes are taking us to a better place.

You’ve heard this before – and you’ll hear it a lot more in the coming months and years – but we are at the threshold of a giant leap in human consciousness and there is a great division going on right now.  If you like, you can call it the separation of the sponges.  Which kind of sponge are you?

Blessings, Elaine

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