listening to your inner voice

Listening to your Inner Voice

Listening and Learning

Most of us have a longing for something we don’t possess.  It may be a physical thing, although a lot of us have evolved to the point where more ‘stuff’ doesn’t bring satisfaction, just more responsibility.  It could be mental knowlege or a physical skill where you would like more proficiency.  Most of us, though, would really like to improve emotionally.

We would like to be calmer, or happier, or more self-assured, or grateful, or satisfied.  The way to achieve those things is not by working harder, but by being quieter.

Daily meditative quiet time, when you can breathe your way into an open receptive state is the way to begin.  Then call forth the energy you desire.  It doesn’t matter how long this takes, only that you keep at it until you can feel that what you have asked for has anchored somewhere inside of you.

Did you know you could do that?  Did you know it was that easy?

Of course the hard part is maintaining the energy we have brought in, until it has completely integrated and become part of us. That’s why listening to your inner voice is so powerful.

We will probably have to call it in more than once.  That’s the spiritual discipline part.  It’s also why most of the really important work we do on ourselves and in our lives never shows.  You will never get a trophy or applause for integrating a feeling of acceptance or gratitude.  Sooner or later someone might notice that you are a little different but this is a personal gift and it needs to be a personal achievement.

If you do need to know that someone appreciates all your hard work, you can be assured that your Guardian Angel and all the Company of Heaven is cheering you on. Keep listening to your inner voice!

Many Blessings, Elaine

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