live and let live

Live and Let Live

I know that right and wrong are pretty subjective terms. It all depends on our definition of those terms and our definitions have been shaped by our upbringing and our experiences. Once in a while I will have a phrase that keeps repeating in my head – almost like song lyrics. This week it was “who am I to say – who am I to say – that you should live your life my way.”

Some people are pretty neat and tidy. Some are messier. Is one right, and one wrong? Not really. It’s a matter of comfort in your surroundings. We can all probably agree that if you are distressing your neighbors with the junk piled up in your yard, there is a problem. And if the garbage has not gone out in several weeks, something needs to be addressed.

We, as a society, will never agree on everything. The more areas of discontent and division, however, the greater our problems as a united people will be.

At some point it falls to each of us to examine our own lives, and belief systems, and decide which ones are moral issues, and safety issues, and human rights issues, and which ones are distractions and pretty petty in the scheme of things. If we want to live in a society, and be happy, we have to allow for differences of opinion and we also have to learn to ‘live and let live’ wherever possible.

If we have done that to the best of our ability, then and only then should we start to ‘make noise’ and lobby for change. At that point we are ultimately charged with standing up for what we believe in, if we have searched our hearts, and done our research, and it feels right to us.

My way is not the only way. My way may seem as right to me as yours is to you. My way may not be the best for me or all concerned. Sometimes I just don’t know. Sometimes you just don’t know. You absolutely have the right to live your life based on your opinions, trying to force them on everybody else, but that is not the way forward into the light and the love and the peace and the joy that most people say they want.

What constitutes a perfect dinner, and a perfect life, and a perfect job for me, may be your worst nightmare. I honor you your feelings and your life. Please help me celebrate mine instead of criticizing it.

What tears at my heart because of the unfairness of it to all, demands that I speak out in some way.

What bothers me because it’s not my personal comfort zone, requires some serious letting go of. Hope you will think on these things.

Blessed Be,

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