live for the moment

Live for the Moment

Laying The Foundation and the importance in living every moment in the journey to it’s fullest.

Today I’m going to do something a little different.  I’m going to share with you some wise words that were given to me many years ago by a dear and respected friend and teacher.  It taught me to live for the moment. As the last few months of this year come to a close, you may benefit from this advice too:

“When we become excited by the prospect of some promise of fulfillment, we can often act rashly, initiating things that are simply not ready to be pushed ahead.

Inception is its own state of being, and we need not devalue it by assuming it is only an unformed and worthless precursor to a more important expression.  If we do not allow the ingredients in our cosmic soup to steep and simmer according to the required recipe, we will wind up sipping a thin, tasteless concoction.

It is not that the message tells you to be patient, but what it is really saying is that if you allow whatever exists in the moment to be just as meaningful as what will come later, then you will not really need patience, as your full attention will be absorbed in the here and now.  Waiting for something “better” diminishes the worth of what is right in front of us, and so we fail to extract the critical information that would actually help us move on toward completion.

We must appreciate the potential in all our undertakings.  This is a perfect time to prepare, to plan, to organize, and to lay the foundation that can handle the scope of our dreams and visions.”

Thank you Jean Michael, wherever you are, for these wonderful words.   Looking forward to seeing you again some day.

Blessings and love,  Elaine

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