Living in Different Dimensional Realities at the Same Time

Living in Different Dimensional Realities at the Same Time

Living in Different Dimensional Realities at the Same Time –

We are a civilization living in several dimensional realities at the same time. Dimensions can be looked at in terms of vibrations. The 3rd dimensional reality is ruled by fear, and rules imposed on the masses by those who have claimed power over them. The 4th dimensional reality is where you begin to look within and discover that you can also create your own world – sort of a dream world – within the 3rd dimensional reality. The 5th dimension is where you discover your inner power and strength and your ability to bring forth your own desires and dreams into your own world.

Right now our planet is still a 3rd dimensional planet, but the majority of inhabitants have moved into a 4th dimensional reality and spend a great deal of their time there. When everyone has learned they have the power to create within themselves – when the majority have risen above the fear level and started dreaming their own dreams of a better life – then the planet will begin to reflect the 4th dimensional beliefs of the inhabitants.

A lot of the souls residing on earth at this time have ascended in consciousness even further – into a 5th dimensional consciousness. With a 5th dimensional consciousness you understand that everything is energy, and the mass consciousness beliefs can change that energy. The 5th dimension is held in place and guided by love.

The biggest problem a lot of us have right now is maintaining a higher level consciousness. We can get there. We can have a day where we trust and love and believe and experience joy and have wonderful doors just miraculously open for us – and then sadly, a lot of us crash right back into 3rd dimensional life again. This happens when something in the 3d world pulls us back. Something like the news of Hawaii in a panic over a false missile report – or something like someone we love having a serious problem.

Right now you are a multi-dimensional being. The 3rd dimension is going to be here for a while. It’s dense and heavy and takes a lot of work to move. Nevertheless, the work is being done. Things slow down in 3d so it feels like it’s taking a long time, but we are moving up. Individually and personally, you are not stuck there. When you make every effort to let go of fear and anger, and embrace love and trust, you are raising yourself up. Let’s all hope and believe and pray and live for the day when the 5th dimension is firmly anchored on earth for everyone. What we can do toward that end is our our part, and make our own contribution and encourage others to do the same. May we all do it well.

Many Blessings,

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