living in a giving world

Living in a Giving World

Living in a giving world.

This is the giving season.  Many charitable organizations clamor for your dollars and your support.  People open their hearts and their wallets at this time of year and remember family and friends and strangers alike in countless ways.  But why?  Why do you give?

Some give out of a sense of obligation or custom.  It’s just what you do.  Doesn’t require much thought, just action.  You get the lists, find the bargains, go to the sales and get it done.

Some give out of a sense of superiority.  They’ve got it to give, and it makes them look good, and other people thank and praise them.  They can even use a lot of their giving as a tax deduction.

Some give out of a sense of sorrow.  They see those in need, the less fortunate, and they are moved to help them.  There is nothing inherently wrong in that.  There is nothing inherently wrong in anything we do.  It either carries high light vibrations or lower heavier dense vibrations.  It either helps us toward our spiritual growth or keeps us right here spinning our wheels.  But it is not right or wrong.

The problem with giving out of a sense that someone is less fortunate than you, implies on a very subtle level that somehow you have found more favor with God, than another of His children.  That somehow you have been more blessed and others less blessed.  The truth is we are all blessed according to our capacity to receive. The truth is that the presence of, or lack of, physical possessions is not a very good indicator of our relationship with the Divine. The truth is that each of us chose our life circumstance before we were born, to help us with our soul growth.

God didn’t determine a life in a poor village, or life in a gold plated mansion.  We did.  We did it for reasons we probably won’t understand until we get back to the other side. Of course human free will has often thrown us a few curves and caused disruptions we didn’t plan, but nevertheless we even knew that risk existed before we signed the contract.

But the beauty of the Christmas season, and every giving season, is that it give us a chance to be who we really are.  It is a time that stirs emotions so that we give ourselves permission to feel things that sometimes we are just too busy to feel the rest of the year.

Are you charitable?  Do you give because you love and care?  That is really the purest, simplest and most beautiful reason to ever give anything, so matter how big or small it is.  You have a heart full of love and it is so full it must spill out to others.  This world of charity, and love, and giving out of a sense of fullness and gratitude is the world I choose to live in.  I am discovering I have a lot of wonderful neighbors living in this place with me.

Happy New Year
Blessings and Love, Elaine

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