Living In The NOW

January 6, 2015 –
Living In The NOW –

Happy New Year – Happy New Energy – Happy New Beginnings to you all.

There are 2 timelines currently co-existing for each of you. The old energy timeline contains gaps and delays between cause and effect. It takes work and effort. You want something, you make plans for getting or achieving it, and you look at the drawbacks or pitfalls associated with it. It requires a plan that has a beginning and an end. You pay attention to the steps associated with it and you do them in order.

The new timeline that we are straddling, and that many of us will be walking into permanently in March, is timeless. This is a new way of being and for most of us this will take a little getting used to. Once we figure it out it will look something like this:

1. We have a really strong desire for something that feels joyous and wonderful.
2. We absolutely and positively believe that what we desire is for our highest and best good and the highest and best good of others.
3. We trust the universe completely to bring it to us without haste, without delay, and in perfect ways.
4. We love the process – we love the letting go of attachment to the outcome – we love the guidance we are given – we love ourselves for how far we have come to be able to do this – and we love, love, love the thing we are bringing in.

As a side note, we also love and have gratitude for whatever it is we are leaving or replacing.

I have been guided VERY STRONGLY lately to only manifest what I am prepared to work with RIGHT NOW. You wouldn’t ask for a hot fudge sundae and then set in on the table to be eaten tomorrow.

We have always had a certain degree of security from planning our futures. The difference now is that now I know my future will contain the things I put into it — and I should, and will, only put things into it when I am ready to embrace them.

I am intending a wonderful New Year – hope you are too.

Blessings and love,

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