living in the present moment

Living in the Present Moment

The Power and Potential of RIGHT NOW exists when you are living in the present moment.

Today’s message is a little longer than usual, but it is a crucial understanding to future well-being and I hope you can find the time to ‘sit with this information’.

There were a lot of times in my life when the Now was almost non-existent for me.  I was always rehashing the past in my mind, thinking about what had been.   If I wasn’t looking back I was thinking about what was coming,  hoping things would go my way, and usually worrying that they wouldn’t.    Maybe you have been like that.  It was a pretty common way for people to live.  For many it was the only way to live.

Throughout the past years, though, I have been guided and led to a place where I am gaining an understanding of Universal Law and I have been given opportunities through these messages and the classes I teach, to share this understanding.  Now I absolutely know that we are the primary creators of our experiences.  I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that energy spent in fear or apprehension is totally wasted, and in many ways detrimental.

The energy, the feeling, the ‘thing’ that I am experiencing RIGHT NOW is all that really counts.  Living in the present moment is the raw material that is being used to form my future.  It’s sort of like the cake that comes out of the oven.  It is a total result of the ingredients used and the ability to follow the recipe during the preparation phase.

I would love to tell you that understanding alone is enough to change behavior, but old habits die hard.  I still drift back.  I still send worry on ahead.  I suppose we all still do things we wish we didn’t do.  Fortunately, along with the understanding, I have picked up some practical tools. They require some mental discipline to keep pulling yourself back on track when you lose the way.   They require a lot of spiritual faith that God can get you back on track when you can’t find the strength in yourself.  They require diligence, and persistence, and plain old fashioned work to keep your attention on what you are doing RIGHT NOW.  The results, though, can be wonderful.

The exciting news about the time we are living in is that we have a lot of help that wasn’t here before.  The closer our planet cycles to Galactic Center (we will  line up with Center in 2012)  the faster our perception of time will be, and we will see the results of our current attitude almost immediately.  That’s why it is so important to stop wasting energy on the past or future.  Put all your energy RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW  – and make that energy as positive and thankful as you possibly can.  If you can do that you will succeed beyond belief.

Here are a few of the immediate results of living in the present moment and being RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW:

The past starts to be a little blurry.  If someone asks you what you have been doing, you might have to stop and think for a moment.
The things that worried you start to fade from your reality.  You can call them back to conscious awareness if you want to, but why would you?
The present becomes your only reality, and most of the time the present is what you are making of it, and usually it is at least ok.
If you decide to really immerse yourself in the present, and find something about it to enjoy, you can loose yourself in it.
You will discover that you can get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.
You will discover that things are easier to do.
You will have more fun –  and because of the law of attraction, since you are having fun and things are easier, you are pulling in your greatest possible future.
You may even be planning a future event.  Just understand that your planning is happening Now.  All we ever really have is Now.

It’s a strange – but true – paradox:   The only way to create a great future is to enjoy what you are doing Now.  The seeds for tomorrow are being planted today.

If the present moment is not a happy one, try gratitude.   Everyone has something they can be thankful for.  Everyone has the capacity to focus on the present moment and to find something good in it.  Everyone can intend to do their best, RIGHT NOW.

If you have any ‘Now’ experiences you would like to share, just click on ‘comments’  below and tell us your story.
I would love to hear from you and you would be an inspiration for others.

Blessings and have a great day, Elaine

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