Love and Thanksgiving are Inseparable

Love and Thanksgiving are Inseparable

Love and Thanksgiving are Inseparable –

The word love gets used a lot.  I used it in last week’s message about love being the answer that we all need.  Sometimes, though, love requires a better look and a better definition.  You can love ice cream  but maybe not for breakfast.  You can love a rainy day if you really wanted an excuse to stay in, but that love isn’t there if you wanted to go out and play.  People ‘fall’ in and out of love with other people all the time.  That human definition of love helps us communicate with one another.  It is a way to convey a current emotion.  We all understand it.

Our definition of love, though, is so small when the reality of love is so big.  The Divine Creator of all is comprised of what they call Pure Adamantine Particles of Love.  Most people are quite familiar with the phrase ‘God is Love’.  Divine Source is pure love, nothing else.  We all came from that Divine Source. These pure particles of love are what we are made of.

If we are behaving in any way that doesn’t reflect that truth, we are not being who we really are.  We are not being true or fair to ourselves.  We have such rich amazing potential if we live from our inner beauty, our inner truth, our inner essence of love.  Why can it be so hard to do that?  Because life happens to all of us. We have pain, and challenges, and hurts, and sorrows and disappointments.  All those things can make us forget who we are.

In a few days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Being grateful and thankful for the many blessings in our lives helps us to connect with our inner essence of love.  If this life, this year, or this time is rough for you and you have trouble feeling thankful, may I offer you some hope and a way to start.

Take a sheet of paper and on one side briefly list all your problems and all your troubles.  They deserve to be acknowledged. They are real.

Then turn the page over.  On the other side make a gratitude list.  List every blessing in your life you can possibly think of.  Keep the blessing side up and make it a goal for the day to keep adding to it.  Nothing is too small or too insignificant to go on that side of the paper.

Consider the true definition of love.  It is who you are and where you came from.  Put that truth on your gratitude list.  Put that truth right on top of your gratitude list.  “I am love.  I am filled with unlimited divine potential.  I can learn to deal with my challenges.  I can find my inner joy.  I am – I can”.

Love and thanksgiving are really inseparable.  When you sincerely say ‘thank you’ for anything, you are speaking from your core of love. This coming Thursday we will have the support of millions of others who are also focused on being thankful for blessings received and blessings yet to be.  Tune into that energy and use it to support your own sense of gratitude.  No matter what your present circumstances, you can create a day of joy by reading from the right side of the paper.  Blessings going out to all for a wonderful day.


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