Loving the Alien

August 21, 2012 – “Loving the Alien” –

The title of today’s message comes from an old David Bowie song.  And the following message came out of Great Britain just recently:

The Ministry of Defense will no longer investigate UFO sightings after ruling there is “no evidence” they pose a threat to the UK despite a senior aviation official admitting the country is visited by one unidentified flying object a month.   —-      By Richard Gray, The Telegraph, UK – August 19, 2012.

—-   Are you still afraid of aliens?  Do you understand that the word merely means someone ‘not from here’ ,  and not a large three eyed beast with slimy tenacles who wants to eat you?   That is pure Hollywood.  The whole idea of scary aliens was created to keep you from a divine truth.  Just like teenagers who invent monsters to keep their little brothers and sisters under control, there have been ruling powers on this planet who benefited from keeping you scared and misinformed.

There are many beings who are ‘not from here’.  It’s a big Universe – millions of planets.  We as humans use only a small percentage of our brain, and are totally unaware of most of our capabilities.  We’re mere babies in the Galactic sense, and we have been quarantined from our celestial brothers and sisters until we matured to a certain level.  That level has/ or is about to be reached by a sufficient number of us.  The quarantine is coming to an end.

When the day comes that you realize how much celestial and off world help we have received to keep us from blowing ourselves up, you may be tempted to celebrate instead of hiding in fear.

If you believe in God, and the story of salvation, and the fall of mankind you may want to ponder this possibility:  Jesus is known Universally by many names as the First Ray of Divine Light coming forth from Divine Source, and he is loved and honored as Teacher and Brother and Friend, but he is not known as Savior.  They didn’t need one, only we did.

I don’t make predictions often, but I’m sure of this one.  Before long, there will be millions of people greeting the ‘aliens’ with love and appreciation.

Blessed Be, Elaine

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