lower vibrations

Lower Vibrations

Lower Vibrational Levels –

What happens to a really bad person, maybe an abuser, who never saw the light on earth? What happens to him when he dies?  Well, he goes to an astral level that matches him perfectly and he is surrounded by souls who are as dark as he is.  We have given that lower, slower vibrational level a name.  We call it hell.

In this place he is going to have to look at everything he has ever done, and he will have to feel the pain that he has inflicted.  Like every other soul he will always have the Grace of God available to him, though.  A higher level being will come repeatedly to offer him some light and encourage him to face his deeds.  Maybe he will seek forgiveness and accept God’s love, maybe he won’t.  The choice will be his.  The gift of God’s love will always be available.  But initially, and until he asks for help, he will be stuck in one of the lower heavenly levels.

Perhaps that is where the story of eternal damnation came from.  He may be there for a very, very long time because God will give him every opportunity possible to begin to grow back into the light again. He however stayed in the lower vibrations.

There is a story in the Bible about what Jesus did during the time he was in the tomb.  The story says that he visited those in hell and ministered to them.  God never stops loving someone no matter how badly they behave.  God will never leave them.  God will never stop offering them forgiveness and Divine Grace and a way out.

What if after every opportunity given, the soul is not evolving in any way?  What if he seems incapable of accepting even the smallest gift of love?  Then a process of devolution will begin.  The soul’s energy will be lowered and he will give up consciousness and go back to a very basic state of being as pure energy.

If these are new understandings for you, they come as gifts.  New awareness and new understanding is part of our evolution and growth as souls.  The more we grow the more new things we will be offered.  I am blessed to be on this new learning path with all of you.

Namaste, Elaine

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