Maintaining Energetic Balance

Maintaining Energetic Balance

Maintaining Energetic Balance –

When you drive a car you are constantly re-balancing and readjusting your position on the road. That’s what driving is. You move the steering wheel as needed without even thinking about it. It’s just what you do when you drive.

The same principle applies to life and your energy body. It requires constant re-balancing, or you are in danger of driving off the road of life into a ditch. Energetically that happens all the time. People appear to be much better at adjusting behind the wheel of a car than they are adjusting when driving their life through their day.

Whenever any person, or situation or feeling causes you to react in ways that are not beneficial to you, you are steering off course. Many don’t even realize that they were driving erratically, and the ditch comes as a complete surprise. The answer to this problem begins with information. First, understand and believe that you, and only you, can make the course corrections in your life to keep yourself on track. You’re the one behind the wheel making the decisions.

Secondly, you need to intend that this information lives in you as a form of awareness. You can ask your body systems to remind you if you are starting to feel annoyed, upset, irritated, fearful, stressed, angry or any other negative emotions. You can check in with yourself many times a day to see how you are feeling, and if any course corrections need to be made.
The third thing you need to do, once you have the information and awareness, is to have the tools to use to regain control. Some practical tools are learning how to ground, learning how to bring your attention back to the present moment, learning how to accept and learning how to act appropriately when action is called for.

Maintaining energetic balance is a skill. It can be learned. It can be mastered. Years ago I learned a technique called HALT. If you feel ‘off’, and don’t know why, just stop. Remind yourself to HALT and ask yourself if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Sometimes things seem more important than they are just because you need a snack or a nap. If it’s a deeper emotional issue, then you will need to do more than eat and sleep to recover your balance. You will need some proactive steps to uncover the source of your discomfort and ways to correct it.

Many blessings go with you as you work toward a happy and safe trip through life and beyond.


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