making decisions

Making Decisions

For some people this is an ordeal.  Having to decide between something and something else leaves them unsure and insecure. What if I make the wrong decision?  How bad is it to make the wrong decision?

There are times it may cost you your life.  If you decide to run back into a burning building you had better have a good reason – like someone else’s life being at stake.

And of course there are big decisions about who to marry, what kind of education to pursue, and who to vote for.  Those decisions require information, time, thoughtfulness and sound reasons.

For a lot of people, though, insecurity over making a decision can extend to what to eat for lunch, what color to paint the bathroom, or what to pack for a short trip.  Decisions of that nature are not life and death issues and yet they can provoke the same kind of internal anxiety.

Why do some people panic at the very notion of having to make a choice?  Perhaps upbringing plays a part.  They may have been so harshly reprimanded for their choices in childhood that the adult self is still trying to do everything right.  There may be some other reason, but nevertheless, the person is very fearful of choosing wrong.

That brings us to the issue of what’s right and what’s wrong. Our society tells us what’s legally wrong, and our conscience will tell us what we believe to be morally wrong, but we assign right and wrong to things that are mere choices, like when to wash the car, or what to make for dinner, or what to buy as a gift.

If those everyday choices cause you to feel apprehension, or second guess yourself once the choice is made, you may have to start asking yourself this question:  Where did this fear come from?  How important is this choice anyway?   Really, how important is it?  Will it be impossible to correct if you aren’t happy with the results?  Will it matter a year from now, a month from now, a week from now?

A lot of peace could be restored within ourselves if we spent some time figuring out why decisions are so hard to make, and healed that issue.   Then make ‘How Important Is It?” a part of your daily life.  You may discover that most of the time, it’s not that important at all.

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