Making It

June 1, 2010 –
Making It –

Well we made it through the month of May.  For many people these have not been easy times.  Emotional issues have been right in your face.  Physical issues have been front and center.  The Planet and the people who make the decisions for Her appear to be going downhill.

Believe it or not, truth is making a comeback.  All these things are surfacing so that they can be looked at honestly.  As Mother Earth makes her ascension into the 4th dimension she is shaking off everything that is not compatible with higher dimensional living.  As we go along and become higher dimensional ourselves, we are forced to face ourselves and everything we have done, and everything we believe in.

If you feel isolated from all the current day happenings you have probably either already done your work, or you haven’t begun the process.  Most souls on earth – with the exception of the new children and many of our younger souls – are being forced to take inventory.  The ascension process which will intensify over the next few years, is going to require a conscious decision from each and every person.  You must decide to go forward in a new energy, in which case you will undoubtedly have to make some changes, or you can stay just where you are and do what you have always done.

Neither decision is right or wrong – it just is.  That is one of those higher dimensional concepts you will need to embrace if you decide to grow and go along with the Planet – and once you have embraced that understanding, then you are already well on your way to being there.

Hoping you all have a delightful, insightful and joyous month of June.  We will be celebrating the Solstice this month – that time when we will be bombarded with maximum light here in the Northern Hemisphere, and will get to see ourselves if we choose too.  In the Southern Hemisphere you will have maximum darkness, therefore a time to go deeply within and discover yourselves there.

This is also the month when we will be getting together for Meditation on June 11th and a week after that on June 19th we will be teaching ‘Increase Your Intuition’ – this will be a fun and interactive course where you learn to access your inner knowing by use of pendulums, cards and crystals.  All participants will receive free mini-readings with each tool.  Mark your calendar – and check the website for details – more on that next week.

Blessings, Elaine

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