Making The Most Of Time

Making The Most Of Time

This past weekend there was another huge cosmic burst of energy that impacted the earth in waves.  Many people I talked to reported vivid dreams, and memories of past experiences that were remembered with such detail it could have happened yesterday.

We are experiencing periods of rapid evolutionary and spirit growth on this planet.  Mother Earth is going through a growth spurt just as children do sometimes.  She is taking us with her, and one of our catalysts is these energy surges that come from deep space.

As our spirits grow and expand they are able to encompass larger periods of time as though it is all happening now.  You can compare it to watching a move and becoming intently focused on the action and dialog, while at the same time you know you own the DVD that contains the whole movie from beginning to end.

So if time seems to be going so fast that you can’t keep up, it is.  If you seem to be remembering 20 years ago and forgetting yesterday, it’s okay.  That’s what happens during a period of rapid soul expansion.  As time goes by you will get comfortable with the idea that time is not fixed, but flexible.

The very best way to successfully navigate these turbulent and uncharted waters begins with understanding and acceptance.  You are on a train that is picking up speed,  When you look out the window you see many different scenes speeding by.  When you focus on the interior of the car you are riding in, very little can seem to change during an 8 hour train trip.  Accepting that your life is being lived on a fast moving train can bring you a lot of peace because you are the one who decides where to look.  You have choices – look out the window and enjoy all the changes or focus within and settle into the peace and presence of the current moment.

You can even expand the current moment and really enjoy it because within the train car itself there is always plenty of time to focus, or sleep, or just get lost in the ‘now’ of it all.

As strange as it seems, it will someday be commonplace for us to decide whether we want the time span we are in to go fast or slow.  There is much fun ahead as our souls get bigger and bigger.

Many Blessings,

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