manifestation alignment

Manifestation Alignment

Manifestation Alignment

Manifestation – or making things happen – is really pretty simple. It’s not easy – not by any means – but it is simple.  There is a formula and if the formula is followed then things will flow effortlessly, easily, and seemingly miraculously into your life.  So why aren’t more people doing it?  Why do people seem to have lives filled with things they don’t want?  The reason is they are not in alignment. The lock that opens their Pandora’s Box of wonders is a combination lock.  I have one of those on my gym locker.  I know the combination, but the numbers are small.  My reading glasses are usually locked up in the locker when I go to exercise class, so, sometimes I have to try a few times before I get all the numbers right, and then the lock opens up.  It’s the same way with life.  We may absolutely know the combination, but something may be interfering with our ability to get things lined up straight.

When you have all the numbers lined up then you think, feel, act, and believe in complete harmony all the time.  In addition you have harmonized with all others around you.  When everyone is trying to get into their gym lockers at the end of class at the same time, we have to be respectful of one another, so that everyone gets a chance to have access to their stuff.

Once you are in personal alignment, and then you add in group alignment, the final two steps are to be thankful and to send the vibrational essence of what you want out into the atmosphere by speaking it out loud.  “Thank you for moving your shoes so that I can get to my locker to get my stuff”.   ——  at that point, everything works.  I have my locker open.  I get my stuff. Everybody gets their lockers open.  They all get their stuff. Everybody’s happy.  Everybody has what they want.

Life should be like that.  Everybody should know what they want and how to get to it.  Everybody should help everybody else get what they want to.  There’s plenty for everybody.  Everybody should speak their desires out loud.  Everybody should be grateful.

There are many things in our lives to look at:  our belief system around health, or happiness, or abundance, or relationships, but let’s just look at one of those today.  Let’s look at relationships.
Do you think you are lovable?
Do you feel like a loving person?
Do you act like a loving person?
Do you believe that to love and be loved is natural and normal and the way things should be?
Do you love everyone else because of their in-dwelling Spirit, and in spite of their human failings?
Do you want everyone to experience true love?
Do you speak it out loud?
Are you grateful for all the love that you have in your life right now?

Can you answer a resounding yes to those questions all the time? Then you are a love magnet.  If dogs could talk, they would probably answer yes to all of the above.  Tell me who can resist a cuddly puppy who just wants to lick your face and gets all excited when you  pay attention to them?

So is my advise today to be more like a healthy well adjusted cocker spaniel?   Sort of, yes.  Learn from what works. The Universe unfailingly reflects back to us whatever we send out.  And have a blessed day.


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