Manifestation, Creation and Transmutation

Manifestation, Creation and Transmutation

Manifestation, Creation and Transmutation –

I almost titled this article ‘exercising your power to choose’, because that is what you are doing when you are working with the energies of manifestation, creation and transmutation.

You may have never thought of yourself in these terms but every day of your life you are someone who manifests, creates and transmutes.  From the moment you get up in the morning you start making choices:   Coffee or tea.  Get up or go back to sleep. Greet the world with enthusiasm or trepidation.  Follow a schedule or decide what to do in the moment.  Be on time, run late, or arrive early.   Talk to someone or keep to yourself.  Wear this color or wear that color.

Every single choice creates an energy pattern.  Every energy pattern you send out creates the tapestry of your life.  To manifest means to bring something into being, usually something that already exists somewhere.  We often find ourselves using the word manifest then we think about something with physical substance or presence.  Your beliefs, thoughts and actions can send out the appropriate vibrational signals to attract and then manifest the job you want, the place you want to live, and the circumstances of your life.

The word creation takes the energy to a slightly higher level. Perhaps you have never known happiness but you want to create it for yourself.  Many people want to create but haven’t a clue where to begin.  It always begins with the knowledge and belief that you can.  You were a born creator.  Until learning otherwise, creation is often a random result of random thoughts and feelings. Sometimes people end up feeling like victims when it was in large part their own beliefs and thoughts and actions that attracted the circumstances to them. If you feel worthless, uncertain, insecure and inept you are assuredly creating a life that won’t bring you happiness.  If you have created a beautiful life, you have already learned well.

Transmutation means we acknowledge the energy field we live in, and decide to introduce another vibrational element to change it. Ice is a good example.  You can introduce heat, and transmute or change it to water.  The energy of love, when projected into a hateful situation, starts to diffuse it.  The energy of joy introduced into a neutral situation, can raise it up easily.

We can use the energy around us and create harmony, or an argument with somebody else.  We can witness the energy around us and decide to strengthen it by sending out like energy, or transmute it by sending out a higher energy.  The Grace of God or the color of violet (the violet flame) are transformational energies we can direct to anything we choose.  Both Divine Grace and violet energies are the sound and color of understanding and compassionate love.  Love is the greatest transmuter of energy that exists.

It is my hope that you can step back and out of yourself and view yourself with a rational and truthful eye.  Understand your innate abilities to manifest, transmute and create by your own inner convictions, the energy you send out and the tools you choose to use.

Will it ever be perfect?  Of course not.  This is planet earth – one of the hardest schools which is operating on one of the lower dimensional bands.  Can it get better?  Absolutely.  Go for your personal best, and your life can soar.

Many loving and encouraging blessings,

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