march 2015 equinox

The March 2015 Equinox Energy Waves

Within the next 2 weeks – sometime around the arrival of Spring 2015, we are going to be experiencing a new energy.  As energetic beings living in a sea of energy, we are always feeling waves of some kind, but the ones that are coming are new in nature and upgraded in intensity.

Think about sitting on a lovely beach, right at the water’s edge, and a huge wave comes in and hits you full force.  It brings you its power, and then it recedes taking with it sand and whatever else was laying around.  These waves are coming.  They will hit you.  If you are ready and are expecting them – firmly planted where you are, and prepared –  they will be exciting.  If you are not looking and are taken unaware you could be thrown off center.

These March 2015 Equinox energy waves are intended to bring balance into our lives.  They are intended to reconnect us with parts of ourselves – our abilities and our creativity and solutions –  that we may have left drifting out in the water somewhere.  They are intended to wash away the things that we are ready to release and that no longer serve us.

You may feel a sense of nervousness, or a sense of excitement, depending on where you are in your personal journey.  You may feel new doors opening, or old doors closing, depending on whether you are focusing on the incoming wave or the outgoing wave.  What you are being given, in essence, is opportunity to come into heart and mind alignment.

A large portion of humanity lives first from their head (logic). This logic driven life has been instilled in us by our society since the moment of our birth.  Schools have become focused on memorization and repetition and following the rules.  I am suddenly seeing a picture of a children’s book from many, many years ago, where all the little girls were dressed alike and walking in perfect little lines, and they were praised for that.   Brilliant mind driven people have done some amazing things, but often at the expense of their own happiness.  Some people who are ruled by their minds will follow the rules and follow the crowd and live to meet societies expectations to the complete disregard of their own well being.

Then there are the folks who lived totally from unbalanced hearts. Many dropped out of school, or got into trouble, or turned to drugs or ran away to San Francisco and became flower children during the 1960’s, or went crazy at Woodstock, or took in way too many stray cats.

God, in His infinite wisdom gave us both heart and mind, and if we honor one over the other we can get ourselves into trouble.  When 2 people walk a narrow path, by necessity, one of them must go first. That in no way means that one is more valued that the other. However, there is one that is usually more well equipped, for various reasons, to take the lead.

Your heart is the one that is more well equipped to take the lead. Your passion and your excitement and your generosity and your love and your compassion and your ability to see the big picture and honor all other living beings are heart energies.  Balanced heart energies love their minds, and honor their minds and value their minds.  They go to their minds first to see if their passion and their excitement are logical and workable and in harmony with surrounding energies.  Your balanced heart will always let your brain find the path of least resistance.  A balanced heart will always want to be in complete alignment with a balanced mind.

We think with our brains but they are not our creative centers.  Our hearts have always been the source of our creations.  We can hold a wonderful idea in our minds, but If our hearts are holding fear, that will become our reality.   If you hold faith and love in your heart, you will create that instead.  You are a powerful heart based creator.  You may have just forgotten that.  The incoming energy waves will help you remember.

Heart mind alignment, with the heart taking the lead should be our goal, if we want happy, healthy, successful, fulfilling and useful lives. The incoming energies are offering us that gift.

Pretend that you own 11 small boats and during the storms of life many of them have been set adrift out to sea.  Some of them carry your abilities to create abundance.  Some of them carry your knowledge of how to be healthy.  Some of them carry your capacity to perform certain specific tasks.  All boats belong to you.  Some have been washed ashore through the years and you have them well anchored and you have been able to use the contents.  Some of them are still adrift but the energetic storms of life are about to bring some of them within reach.

Are your eyes open?  Is your heart open?  If one of these small boats (opportunities or enlightenment) come within reach are you going to grab it and anchor it and use whatever it contains?  The choice is yours – always has been yours.  You can become fearful in the face of the incoming waves and run inland and hide and stay the same.  Or you can face the incoming waves with an open mind and an open heart, not knowing just what they will look like or feel like and that will be okay.

If your heart is leading, however, you will send out your intentions – your call as it will be – to your small boats to come and find you.  And you will set your intention to anchor them when they arrive.

Now we are dealing with energy waves which are elusive and invisible.  You have not had as much practice in grabbing and holding and anchoring them as you have had practice with solid objects.  So you will need faith.  You will need to believe that your intention, which is a heart skill, is able to pull this off.

I will share with you my intentions for the next several weeks and perhaps you will be inspired to create a list of your own.

I intend to be open and receptive and willing and grateful for whatever is coming.
I intend that it be for my highest and best good, and the highest and best for everyone I know and love and work with and send blessings to.
I intend that the skills and abilities and knowledge and possibilities that my heart desires will come within my reach.
I intend that my mind will find ways to anchor and use whatever is coming to me.
I intend to stay in gratitude for this amazing opportunity to grow in the light and in my own joy.
I intend to celebrate being right here, right now, able to witness and participate in an opportunity for all of mankind to rise up in vibration.

I intend that this message reach those who can use it and benefit from it and if you are one of those, I thank you for joining me on the beach.

Many Blessings,

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