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Mass Consciousness

Time and Other Things

Last Sunday we had the change of daylight savings time. By mutual agreement, we all decided that when 2am rolled around, it would instantly become 3am.  And so it was and so it is.  It was that simple, and that easy.

Mass consciousness has power – immense power.  What is needed is something to get us all united – on the same page so to speak –  and some directing force that we are all willing to pay attention to –  to follow – and in the end, to obey.

We must decide to go along with a certain plan, and then we must be conscientious and obedient to the plan.

Right now there are a lot of knowledgeable people out there trying to get your attention, and direct a specific group of people in a certain direction.  Since you are on the internet you have more information available to you that at any other time in our history, and that information grows daily. You can actually go on information overload and decide not to listen to anyone anymore.

That would be unfortunate, because mixed in with all the other wonderful advice, you will hear teacher after teacher voicing the same sentiment – look to yourself!  Look within and find the answers.

We are evolving and growing and almost at the end, as a society, of giving away our power to outside influences.

Once every human being learns to look within, and trust themselves above all others, then we will be united and guided by Divine Source Energy.  In that Divine moment, all our problems can be solved. Mass consciousness working in unity with the divine. It may look magical.  It may look like it happened overnight.  It will be the result of a lot of individual work over a prolonged period of time.

It will require YOU trusting yourself, and YOU becoming obedient to the Divine call that your soul hears and responds to.  Does that idea sound appealing to you? Are you taking any steps working in that direction?

If not, please consider it.  You are more powerful that you know, and once we all attune to Divine guidance, we can become invincible in the face of negativity and adversity.

Namaste, Elaine

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