meditation techniques for beginners

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Most babies are born with the innate ability to sit quietly with their souls.  Ask any mother who has peeked in at her infant who, at least at one time or another, has simply been lying there content to be playing with their fingers or cooing to themselves.  It doesn’t take long for the world we have created to change that.  From morning to night there is stimulation from TV and toys and the energetic vibrations from all the people, places and things that surround us.  We are born from peace into chaos, and we are asked to adapt to the confusion and the busyness from our first breath.

It has been said that all men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a room alone.  Jesus urged us to go within – to find the quiet – to go into our room and shut the door and seek God in the stillness.   For the most part, people have not heeded this advice as being of major importance.  Prayer has taken center stage.  People everywhere from all religions have been taught  to go to God, to talk to God and to communicate with God.  Of all the people who pray, only a relatively small percentage practice daily listening – and then they wonder why their lives are difficult, they can’t find solutions, and why they are still stressed and unhappy.

Meditation is not a magic pill, but it is a road that always leads to a beautiful place.  I had a wise teacher once who said that the mind should be like a blue sky, and the thoughts should drift across like beautiful peaceful clouds.  The ability to meditate – to peacefully think and allow life’s solutions to come to you – is not really something you have to learn.  It is more accurately something you need to remember.  And since it has often become a neglected and unused skill, it needs to be practiced on a regular basis to be reclaimed as a part of who you are.

Attending weekly guided meditations was one of the first things I learned to do when I began to walk my spiritual path many years ago.  In times of stress or difficulty, I know that I need to go within to a place when I can get in touch with my Spirit and my God before anything in my outer world will ever change.

Those of you who have been reading these messages for awhile are aware of how fast our world is changing.  You know that unless we release the old and embrace the new, we are energetically stalled in our spiritual growth.  Unless we grow, we will not be able to move forward with the world that is right now releasing all her heaviness and darkness, and ascending to a place of peace and light.

These 3 meditation techniques for beginners will be beneficial whether you’ve spent time meditating in the past or not:

1.  Dedicate just 2 or 3 minutes every  morning and evening, to sitting in a quiet place where you are undisturbed.  If you like you can play lovely music, or just enjoy the sounds of silence.  Relax, close your eyes, and during this time, instruct your mind to only think about beautiful things, one at a time.  Or instruct your mind to create a gratitude list.  Perhaps, you could think about all the things you love, from people to hot fudge sundaes.

The purpose of this is to instuct your mind, and to begin to learn how to control your thoughts.  This is why guided meditations, whether in a class, or on a cd, are often easier to start with.   It is important to remember that you are not your mind – your mind is a tool for you to access and use.  Yet, left on its own, the mind will go to the past and to things it has experienced before.  If those things were unpleasant, they carry a strong energetic pull, and your mind will just relive those moments over and over.

Meditation helps us create a new way of thinking and being.

2.  Another way to begin learning to meditate is again,  find that peaceful place where you will be undisturbed, and concentrate on your breathing.  Really pay attention to the in-breath and the out-breath.  Breathe in bright white healing light through your nose as slowly as possible, and then release your breath through your mouth a little more forcefully.  Think of the outbreath as releasing all pain and all things that trouble you, but don’t list them.   Again you will want to have your eyes closed and your body as relaxed as possible.

Do this for just a few minutes and you will probably feel your body relaxing even a bit more.

3.  Find that quiet undisturbed place to sit or lie down comfortably, and just pretend.  Take yourself on an imaginary journey to the beach or to the mountains or exploring a cave or drifting peacefully over beautiful landscape taking a balloon ride.  Play with a bunch of puppies and feel them, soft and squirmy, licking your face and cuddling up to you.

The ways to meditate are as numerous as the people who meditate.  Whatever you do, is perfect for  you, and there are always new techniques to learn.  The benefits are so monumental:  improved health, peace of mind, creativity and joy being just a few of them.

As you learn to meditate more easily and naturally, you will discover that you can use this tool to clear up your past, and create a beautiful future.  Very few things in life will benefit you more than learning how to meditate – and then consciously doing it.

Blessings and more, Elaine

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