Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012 – Merry Christmas –

Christmas Day has dawned.  All our preparations have led to this.  How are you doing?  Happy and at peace?  Stressed and tired?  Looking forward to a beautiful day?  Looking forward to surviving a day with relatives and over-active children?   Anticipating a day of loneliness that is highlighted by all the talk of joy and togetherness?

We humans always put a lot of effort and hope into one day – one moment – one anything.  I am right there with you in wanting that.  But reality has always shown us that true growth, and lasting change, come silently and over time,  when we are mostly unaware.  It is usually in hindsight that we see our greatest advances and our most wonderful achievements.

Many events that changed history overnight have been chaotic in nature.  They involved destruction and generated fear.  Our beloved angels and guides are sending the current changes in a more benevolent way.  From this day forward peace will rule the world – and it will come to us peacefully.  From this day forward health will manifest in us – and it will come step by step so that it feels wonderful.   From this time on, we are 5th dimensional beings, but we will be allowed to hold onto any 3rd dimensional constructs that bring us comfort.

Change has come – it is here – it is real.  To borrow words from Robert Frost,  it comes ‘silently on little cat feet’.

Breathe it in with trust in every breath, and before long you will witness the difference.  Bless the silence, and the slowness and the stillness.  That is where you will find the real changes.  They are in the calm places in your heart.  Change is here.  Now it remains for you to find it within.  Wishing you a blessed journey of discovery.  Until next year —————-

Blessed Be, Elaine


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