Merry Christmas

2009 years ago a child was born that impacted the world we inhabit
today. He brought what some call ‘salvation’. He did the things that
are recorded in sacred scripture – he preached, he died, he rose again.

He did things that have much deeper meanings: he healed, he changed
things, he opened hearts.

He healed not only physical bodies but vibrational patterns. He changed the very atomic structure of substances. He created energetic pathways for those coming after him to follow, whereby they could find their own power and seek their own ascention. He told us that the only place to find God was within. He said that we would do greater things than He.

He was the first Divine Spark to eminate from Divine Source.
His power and His energy are accessible to you and to me, because we
also come from Divine Source and He has gifted us with this ability.

You need only this: an open and loving heart, faith and trust in the Divine, and a desire to transmute all the negativity in your life and follow a path of Light.

May God be with you, and may a Blessed Christmas be yours.

Blessings, Elaine

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Happy Holidays, Elaine
    This is absolutely fabulous. The new way for a new day.

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