Message From Elaine

A message from Elaine:

What’s happening to the world?

The world we live in is undergoing radical changes. Just look around and you will see the truth. Storms and earth upheavals are unprecedented. Economics are faltering. Businesses are failing. Wars and disease and famine are taking an awesome toll. Some have predicted that we are in the end times.


You are witnessing the birth of the new earth. The earth of the future will be a place of peace, prosperity and unity. Before the new earth can form though, the old earth has to fall away. Before you can live in the new earth you need to become a new, lighter being – one who has released the heavy fear and judgment and pain that has been carried for much too long.

What’s happening to you?

We’re in the middle of a huge expansion of consciousness in our world. It took a giant leap forward with the internet several years ago, and it’s growing exponentially. Never before have you had more information, more choices, more opportunities, and therefore more responsibilities, more stress and more anxiety. Never before have so many things that you used to count on, fail before your very eyes. Never before have you had as many opportunities to re-create your life: your beliefs, your environment, your acitivities, your health, your joys and passions, your employment – everything that is you.

Major things have shifted.

People who used to define themselves as human beings with a spirit, now know themselves to be spiritual beings inhabiting a body. People who used to live in victim consciousness are now beginning to understand that they create their own reality, time after time. People who used to live in fear, are discovering how to walk in faith.

People are having physical responses to all these changes.

I have a list of things that people have mentioned lately. Some of these may be your experiences as well:

Sleep disturbances – needing more naps, or not being able to get to sleep – waking up around 3 or 4am.

Feelings of pressure and of being overwhelmed – of not having enough time to get things done.

Feeling that everyone else has their life together, while yours is falling apart.

Feeling that time is different – sometimes it seems to expand – mostly it goes by too fast. If you are doing something you really love, time almost seems to stop for you.

Strange aches and pains in joints and muscles – occasional feelings almost like electrical pulses in you arms and legs.

Feeling drained – getting sick easily and physical problems worsening.

Anxiety attacks.

Feelings of sadness when nothing is really wrong.

Old past issues resurfacing – issues you thought were over and done and you had dealt with already.

People from your past showing up.

Old friends leaving – or moving – new acquaintances become friends quite easily.

This is just a partial list, but what is happening here is that your mind, emotions, spirit and body are trying to accommodate this new energy.

Of course not everyone will experience all of these things – and you may have already dealt with many of these issues recently. Whatever your experience, though, if you want to be comfortable with the current earth changes then sooner or later you will have to come to terms with your emotional issues. Fear, anger, and resentment need to be released. Sooner or later you will need to deal with the mental stress by letting go of outdated obligations and beliefs and setting new priorities and goals for your life. This is the way to joy and peace.

In order to move through these changes easily we have new tools available.

Here are some ways to help yourself:

1. Energy Healing like Reiki

Reiki – (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient form of ‘hands-on’ healing for relaxation, stress relief, body energy balancing, and removal of energy blocks. Reiki energy heals the mind, emotions, body and spirit.
For more information on Reiki and how to become a Reiki Healer yourself, go to the Reiki page on this site.

2. Find like minded people for support and encouragement

I offer free weekly Inspirational and Support Messages to my group on line.

You can join at Or write to me directly via the contact page.

3. Practice Meditation

Meditation is the act of quieting the mind and body so that God can speak to us, and through us. It is simple, invaluable and available to all. Unfortunately, in our world today it is not easy. We are constantly being bombarded with negative energy from our environment. This negative energy can become a powerful force directing our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We become tense, tired and stressed.

It is in meditation that we connect with our spirits, our higher selves, our angelic guides, and the ultimate Source of pure love that created us. In this environment we can be healed on all levels. Some of the benefits of meditation are health, happiness, joy, abundance, clarity, and peace.

And finally:
A word about the law of attraction – in short it works – all the time and every time.

Every thought, word, feeling or belief that leaves you in any vibrational form whatsoever is magnetic and attractive. Like a magnetic boomerang, it reverberates through the ethers picking up like energy and bringing it back to you. This is why the rich get richer. The healthy get healthier. The kind and loving attract more friends. The worried and frightened attract more worry, and more things to be scared of, and yes; bad things do happen to them. It doesn’t have to be this way any longer. You have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs and actions to positive, happy, joyful, abundant and wonderful ones. May you all find this path of healing and wholeness. May you all embrace your own joy. May you all be blessed.

In love and light, Elaine

3 thoughts on “Message From Elaine

  1. Hello Elaine
    I am in Cape Town South Africa, where do you work?

    Thanks, Suzanne

  2. Hi Suzanne, we’re here in Buffalo, New York in the USA. It’s wonderful here this time of year. But I know that Cape Town is absolutely beautiful. I am thrilled that my messages travel to South Africa and that in this new energy and these times we can find friends on the other side of the world. Namaste

  3. Hi Elaine,

    This excerpt was right on target for me at this point in my life…

    “A word about the law of attraction – in short it works – all the time and every time.
    Every thought, word, feeling or belief that leaves you in any vibrational form whatsoever is magnetic and attractive. Like a magnetic boomerang, it reverberates through the ethers picking up like energy and bringing it back to you…”

    I look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,


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