messages from the other side

Messages From The Other Side

Messages from the Other Side

We all have loved ones who have crossed over to a new life, via the doorway of death.  If they could send back a message, some of them would say this:  ‘I never appreciated you enough until I was able to see you with the clarity I have now.  Thank you for everything you did for me.”

They would say, “I am always with you, and I remember how you looked, but when I see you now I see your light.  I see your colors.  I feel your vibrations.  I receive your thoughts and loving messages to me.”

Some of these messages from the other side would say, “Let it go.  I see you carrying around things that weigh you down and cause your beautiful radiant aura to shrink.  I know this means you are unhappy.  I wish you could see how easy life would be if you just let it all go.”

Probably all of them would offer this:  “If I could come back with one lesson learned, I would never worry again.  I realize now that worry never ever helped.  It only attracted the negativity that brought me more worry.  It was all so pointless and just a waste of energy.  If I could come back, for just a little while, I would accept everything that came to me as experience, and I would look within each experience for as much joy and as much growth and as much fun and as much love as I could find there”.

These messages from the other side are real.  They have been received by many people from their loved ones on the other side,  many times.  They are worth paying attention to.

Blessings, Elaine

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