These services are very affordable and are offered within the Buffalo, New York area.

Please contact me for more information.

Elaine has been ordained in the order of Melchizedek and is able to officiate at your wedding, or baby blessing.  She is ready to assist and bring comfort if you require a memorial service. 



It’s YOUR wedding.  I can help you and guide you in any way you need, but you always deserve to have what you want.  I have a strong Protestant background in addition to being a Spiritual healer and teacher, and can assist in either a spiritual, religious or love based service.

Anywhere you desire to be married can be blessed and beautiful – a home, a park or an establishment of some kind.

Costs are reasonable, and vary slightly depending on distance traveled, and the number of meetings we have to pre-plan, and if there is a rehearsal.

Spiritual counseling sessions are also available, and recommended, so that both of you are fully prepared to make this life changing commitment with the greatest joy possible.

Baby Blessings

Many people who are not guided to traditional baptism,  often desire to have blessings and prayers offered up for their newborns, and even older children, to demonstrate the protection and love and guidance that God and the Angels provide to all of us.

These ceremonies are beautiful and meaningful and will give you and your precious baby a wonderful experience and give them a great beginning.

Memorial Services

Very often, particularly when a person does not have an official religious affiliation, they don’t know what to do when they lose a loved one.  They don’t know who to call.  I am available to speak to you if you find yourself in this position and you want to honor your loved one with a brief prayer service at a funeral home, or you want blessings given at a Memorial gathering or at a cemetery, or at a small gathering with just family members or at the inurnment of ashes.

Your loved one has only left you to go to another type of experience.  Energetically they will exist forever, just as you will.  That does not lessen the sadness you feel because they are no longer physically present.  We honor your feelings above all else.  We also hope to bring you some comfort in explaining what the new life with God and the Angels is like for your loved one now.

These services are very affordable and offered with the utmost respect and caring.


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