Mixed Messages – and Truth

Mixed Messages – and Truth

For many children who are going back to school, this is a very anxious time. The youngest will be told that they will have fun and make new friends. Sometimes they do – sometimes they don’t. Eventually they are also told that they had better get good grades and achieve, or they will be in big trouble. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t. I was told to enjoy my time in high school because those were the best years of my life – they weren’t.

When it comes to the end of life we also receive mixed messages. As a society we believe that youth is wonderful and aging is not. That’s not necessarily true. Many people fear death and think it’s a scary, lonely and painful thing to experience. It’s not. It’s a wonderful release and going home to a well deserved homecoming. Many people think that if you end your own life you will be severly judged and condemned. You won’t be.

People believe that, though, because many churches have sent mixed messages about God: He loves you, but if you don’t obey Him, he has the option to punish you forever. He won’t. The love part is real. That’s truth. The welcoming part is real. That’s also truth. The condemnation and the punishment are not real. There will be a life review and we will get to face ourselves and make corrections if we have gone out of balance, but all of that will happen in an atmosphere of love and acceptance far beyond anything that earth has to offer.

Somewhere back in history a punishing God was created by man for control of other men. That’s truth. I hope you’re ready to accept and believe that. It can change your life.

Blessings, Elaine

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