More about Living in the New NOW

January 13, 2015 –
More about living in the new NOW –

Last week I talked about living in the NOW.

Today I want to give just a little more information about another subtle shift that is happening. In the past we may have trusted our guides and angels to bring something to us. We gave it up – and gave it to God. Then perhaps we waited or expected something outside of us to happen.

In the NOW we give it up to God, fully expecting our inner voice or inner being to tell us what to do. We don’t even put any energy toward listening. We are just confident that we will hear when we are supposed to hear, and act when we are supposed to act. Then when the information or opportunities present themselves we move forward confidently and immediately.

No longer do we hope for next week. We trust in today. This moment is the foundation for everything that comes next.

May you all be blessed with the insight and understanding you need to take the next step into your Mastery.

Blessings, Elaine

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