More Truth – About Love

More Truth – About Love

Last week I shared a truth about God’s love for you. Today I want to share some truth about love.  Here on planet earth we come to look at love and dissect love and pull it apart and put it together again in our understanding.  We love a little or a lot.  We have all different degrees of love.  The shirt we loved last year may have already been turned into a rag.  The person we swore to love may be long gone from our life.  And then we put those attributes on God.  That’s not fair and not truthful.  God not only knows love, but God is love.  Forever and eternally for you and everybody – no degrees – no levels – and no exceptions.

Many religions and teachers and spiritual practices urge you to aspire to the attributes of God, even though they may not be doing it themselves.  Unfortunately many religions and teachers and spiritual practices are exclusive and judgmental.  Don’t let that stop you from becoming inclusive and accepting and loving of all, because the advise is still sound – aspire to the attributes of God.  And how about starting with the way you love?

Blessings, Elaine

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