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3 Morning Devotions to Start Your Day


Sometimes life becomes routine. We get up, make the coffee, go through the motions, and get on with our day. Do you see yourself in this pattern? Do you relegate meditation and self-reflection for special moments when you can find the time, or circumstances are finally right?

Perhaps meditation is already part of your morning routine. Good for you. You have discovered that the time is right when you want it to be. Every day can be completely new if you decide that it is. Your life can be re-started on a higher vibrational path any time you intend it and declare it and follow through with action. Morning is a perfect time for prayerful devotion and meditative reflection and intention.  Just a few minutes is all you need.

If you can greet each new day as a new fresh start and see it filled with new opportunities, it will be.

There are 3 questions to ponder, that, if used during your morning devotional or meditative time, will automatically put you on that higher path as part of your day.

What can I do better today? God, guide me to that and bring me the strength and insight to act.
Who can I help today? Bring them into my path and my awareness.
What am I grateful for today? Let me remember those things, and then show me some new blessings that I am not even aware of.

Here is a simple suggestion for beginning this practice:

Find a place of peace and solitute, perhaps gazing out of a window, but even the bathroom will do.
Concentrate on your breathing for a few breaths, breathing in life and health, and breathing out heaviness and negativity.
Think about the miraculous nature of life itself, and just the ability to wake to a new day.
Then ask yourself one of the 3 questions listed above.

If you would dedicate the first few minutes of every day to do this, and do it consistently, you may be surprised when new doors begin to open.  Don’t expect the answer to come to you immediately.  Whenever we ask a question or send up a request we must trust that it has been heard, and received, and that the answers will start to be put in our path in Divine timing and Divine ways.

God has blessings ready and waiting. May you learn how to put yourself in the place to receive by dedicating each morning to a meditation time of silence, focused breathing, and awareness.  Then gently offer up one of those questions, and know that as you begin your day you will be guided toward your highest and your best.



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