Moving Up

September 25, 2012 – Moving Up –

You  know that God gives you your daily bread.  He uses intermediaries to do it:  the farmer, the baker, etc. You know that God created you and this world you live on.  He used intermediaries for that too.  We are soon to meet them.  Why?  because we’ve grown up enough to be able to understand that life is not black and white, but an amazing array of thousands of colors and shades and hues.

Jesus spoke often about those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see.  He knew that we would have to reach a certain level of growth to attain a certain level of understanding.  He knew that we would all arrive there in our own time and in our own way.

The thing that is unique about this coming December is that we will be enveloped in a Divine light – an energetic love wave – that will come from the center of the Universe (God) and permeate all life on earth.  Everyone who is open and willing will receive this infusion of light/life/love.  Many of us have the opportunity to awaken to deeper truths at the same time.  This will shift our perceptions and we will in turn get busy creating a better world to live in.

This information is available to you by tuning in to your heart and listening to your own inner guidance.  Isn’t it telling you that something wonderful is about to happen?  Doesn’t it feel like something is coming?  Perhaps somethings you don’t understand, but something has been stirring up your life and getting you ready to be different in the future?

We have less that 3 months to go to until the Galactic alignment when the energy wave hits us.  All you need to do to be completely prepared is to want it – to want more love in your life.

In case you didn’t see it last week, I am sending the link again that introduced you to some people who know about our Galactic family, and the wonderful future that lays ahead for us.

Blessed Be, Elaine

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