New Ascension Update – April 2012

It appears from all accounts that this has been what has been happening:  For the last couple of decades there have been people dedicated to restoring our country to its original constitutional purposes.  Our Constitution was actually ‘hijacked’ many years ago when the District of Columbia was set up as the ‘corporate head’ of the United States and the Federal Reserve Bank – a privately owned bank – was given permission to rule our finances.

Our very wise founding fathers included information in the original Constitution telling us how to regain our freedom if our government ever became our enemy instead of our friend.  We are following those instructions.  To that end, most of the States have individually filed papers with the International Court in the Netherlands declaring their sovereignty, and we are again operating legally as a united group of individual states, which is how it all started out in the first place.

The majority of military and the Pentagon are all for this – they have pledged to guard the ‘united’ states against all threats – both foreign and domestic –  and so therefore they are standing behind  the individual states that now stand as a real United States.  When local law enforcement begins to issue legal warrants to arrest corrupt leaders, our military will stand in support of them, primarily for transportation, since this is going to be A LOT of people.

Why have we not heard about this on the nightly news?  Because the media is tightly controlled by the leaders that will soon be arrested.  Once their restrictions are removed, the nightly news will again become truthful and honest.

So hold on to your hats.  The next couple months – possibly even the next couple of weeks – will be amazing.    After the mass arrests a temporary  interim government will begin rescinding all un-lawful laws and taxes.   Then they will clear the path for all new elections.   A new financial system will be put in place and I will be writing about that in the near future.  Blessed Be.

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