new beginnings with god

New Beginnings With God

March 1, 2011 –
Spring –

We’re almost there.  The winter is almost behind us and with spring comes a desire for cleaning up, clearing out, and starting over.  Consider your life to be lived on a spiral and you can see that wherever we come around to a new season we are actually higher than we were last year at this time.  Just look to the Mideast and compare last year to this year.  What magnificent changes are underway to restore people’s rights.  The changes require a lot from us though.  We must be courageous, committed, and united.

Did you know that there are many spirits in other dimensions that would never ever consider incarnating on our Earth?  It’s hard here.  In says in the Bible “many were called, but few were chosen”.  When the call went out for souls who were brave enough to experience this kind of existence for the Creator, you said “Take Me”.   God is pure Divine Love, Divine Potential, Intelligence, and All There Is, but God does not become All Experience until we offer up our unique individual gifts that have been gained through triumphing over unique individual stuff.  When you said “Take Me to be part of the Creation of Experience”, God said ‘yes’.  If that knowledge doesn’t make you feel worthy I don’t know what would.

There are many other learning paths that other souls walk in other realms that don’t require physical incarnation on a planet like this.  It is a planet filled with, at the same time, so much love and so much pain.  This is duality, my friends, and we are doing what we came to do.  We are the Masters of Integration.  We take the painful, and we heal it.  We take the sad and we bring joy to it.  We take unfairness and we bring justice to it.  We take the unloved and we love them back to wholeness.  And here’s the really, really good news:

We’re almost there.  The difficult times are almost behind us.  We’re living life on a spiral and we’re higher than we were before.  Magnificent changes are underway to bring us to a place where we can see that we have done what we came to do.  All the turmoil and chaos, in weather, governments and in emotions, are paving the way for the new.  Everything that’s breaking apart and leaving, clears the way for something beautiful that rests on the next level of the spiral that we travel upon.

New beginnings with God are upon us. If ever there was a time to feel hopeful about your life, it’s now.  If ever there was a time to look beyond what seems to be falling apart, it is now.  If ever there was a time to trust that your Creator has a mighty plan for you once this work is done, it is now.  Enjoy a beautiful Spring.  You’ve earned it.

Blessings, Elaine

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