our purpose on earth

Our Purpose On Earth

What Are You Here For?

Okay – it’s probably time for some introspection.  New Year – new beginnings – will do that to you.  Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life?  What IS our purpose on earth? What it’s all about?  What are you here for?

Many books have been written – countless thesis on the meaning of life.  You could probably explore that topic forever, but I’ll share my viewpoint, since it’s pretty short:  We’re here to experience life as a physical being and we’re here to uplift our fellow man.  Pretty simple, right?

We are, at our core, Divine Beings on a Divine Journey of exploration of the physical.

Exploring life as a physical being means paying attention to the wind and the water and the sky and the earth.  It means creating something – a sandwich, or a business or a bowl made out of clay.  We are here to see how things look, and feel, and smell and sound.

We are here to explore our creativeness.  If this sandwich was good, maybe next time I’ll toast the bread and see how that is.  If the business is taking all my energy, I may close it and go see what it feels like to sit on the beach.  If the clay bowl is not to my liking I can smash it,  and see what destruction and a mess on the floor look like.

Uplifting our fellow man starts with caring about him.  And that means all men and women and children and animals everywhere. Every single one. Right there you have a lifetime task for some folks.

Of course, some of you may be hung up on the ‘who you are’ part. Maybe you haven’t figured out yet that you are a Divine Emanation from Divine Source.   If so, perhaps you will have to start there.  Sit in your meditations, and ask God to show you who you are.

So that’s it for today.  What do you think you’re here for? What’s your purpose on earth?

Blessings, Elaine





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