overcoming challenges in life

Overcoming Challenges in Life

These are challenging times.

Have you been challenged lately by people or circumstances in your life?  Have you been given opportunity after opportunity to change behavior from what you have always done, to something better, higher, move loving or more powerful?  Many of us who have always given too much, are being given opportunities to receive.  Many of us who have  been too independent are being given opportunities to ask for help.  Many of us who liked to control, are being given opportunities to follow.  Many who were quick to anger are being given opportunities to think things through and then forgive.  Many who had fears are being given opportunities to practice faith. There are ways of overcoming challenges in life.

We talk about solstices and energy and ascension but what they all come down to for you personally is a time of decision.  You can do things the way you have always done them and remain where you are, or you can choose soul growth and try to improve.  This is not to imply that you are not a wonderful person who has put together a wonderful life.  I know most of my readers fall into that category of really, really nice people.  This is not to criticize you for the new choices and decisions you make on a daily basis.  I know you are already doing that.

This is to let you know that the opportunity of a lifetime – even lifetimes – is here.  Ahead of us is an opportunity to live in a brand new world that has a higher foundation than the world we currently exist in.  The new world will have a foundation of love – and forgiveness – and truth – and light – and more love.  It will be a place where the win/win scenario is what everyone aspires to and war is seen as futile and destructive and just a plain waste of human life and resources.  It will seem so absurd to go to war and get angry that we just won’t do it anymore.

If that seems like a polyanna world or some kind of silly super sweet place I assure you it is not.  The only people who will inhabit it are those who are doing the work – who deserve to be there – who are willing to face themselves and every shadow they carry – and who determine with love and courage to be the best they can be in spite of anybody or anything.  They will be people who love to serve and love to love, and they will finally feel at home because they will be.  There will still be decisions to be made, and problems to be solved and mountains to climb.  Life will still excite you and challenge you, but not as it presently does.  It will have a new base – of trust and truth.

Perfection is reserved for God and no one is expected to do it right all the time. In fact it is my understanding that we only need to clear 51% of our negative traits to move forward.  The Grace of God can do the rest.  But the key is desire and intention – You ‘gotta wanna’.  You need to want to try.   You have to look at the choices before you – stay in the dark in fear, or move into the light in love – and make perhaps the most important decision of your life.  Once you decide to move ahead with overcoming challenges in life you will slowly but surely be shown areas that you can clear, and once they are shown to you then you have the responsibility to act from the new information.

We have almost reached the top of the mountain and there is another side.  I know where I intend to be and I hope to see you there.

Blessings, Elaine

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