overcoming fear

Overcoming Fear

Pretend you are a painter – a very gifted painter.  You sit with a blank canvas and your assortment of paints and what is the first thing some of you do?  You become fearful that the picture won’t be what you want it to be.  You intend to paint the sea with a beautiful sunrise and birds swooping down to find fish.  You intend your painting to be calm and relaxing and uplifting.  But what if it turns out to be a very black and scary storm that gets painted instead?  Silly to think about isn’t it?  You are the painter.  You are in control.  You are very talented. If you want to paint beauty you can paint beauty.  You have done it many times before.

And yet, this is sometimes what human beings do.  In fact they do it a lot.  They have learned and studied and accumulated all the facts about manifestation.  They know that the energy they put out is the energy they are attracting back in.  They have been putting out a lot of good energy lately and a lot of beautiful things have been manifesting in their lives.  Then what do they do?  They become fearful that it might not last.  They become so afraid about making a mistake or having a random negative thought, that they can pull themselves, temporarily, off the beautiful path they are walking and start taking a side road that has some pot holes in it.  The pot holes validate them.  ‘See?  I knew something bad was going to happen sooner or later.’  The reality is they merely left the path. They can just as easily get back on.

Now of course we have to acknowledge that we live on the planet of free will.  We will occasionally trip over the shoes that someone else left at the door.  We may be in an area that get hits by a tornado through no fault of our own.  Mother Earth is doing a lot of clearing of negative energy these days, and she will not be stopped.  However, even in those circumstances we are not helpless. We have a guardian angel and spiritual team constantly ready to work with us.  We can ask, and trust, that they do their utmost to alert us to those situations and help us stay as safe as possible.  We need to acknowledge that we came to earth to clear our accumulated karma from the past, and experience things we never have experienced before.

It’s possible that your soul has had so many lives of affluence and security and safety, that you wanted to feel what it was like to have everything taken away, and to realize that you are enough.  All by yourself you are enough, and capable, and valuable, and still able to live a life full of love.

So how do we overcome the fear of the unknown?  The only way I have discovered that really works is by developing a strong connection to my Higher Being in Spirit.  The greater part of me wants nothing more than for me to find perfect love and happiness and joy.  My God – my Source – wants nothing more than for me to overcome the obstacles I placed in my own path for the learning experience, as easily as possible; and graduate with honors, and find the beauty that is my true soul.  Every being on my Spiritual Team is working 24/7 on my behalf and talking to me at every opportunity, hoping I will listen.

It’s been said that love and fear are complete opposites and you can’t have them both at the same time.  That’s very true, but it can be a little confusing if you are afraid for someone you love very deeply.  It may seem like love and fear are equal companions, and you can’t help feeling both of them.  It’s at times like that, that you need to remind yourself of all the things you know that are true.  That God loves you both and wants the best for you both. That karmic situations wouldn’t be played out unless the benefit at the end was going to be wonderful.  That your Spiritual Support Team can work to guide and direct to the extent that you trust in them and ask them to.

It may seem too simplistic to say that overcoming fear is as easy as ‘letting go and letting God’ – and trusting in God’s love for you – but it is.  Sometimes we have to work very hard to arrive at the simple truths in life.  I hope you are well on your way to discovering all these things for yourself.


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