Parallel Paths

Parallel Paths

Parallel Paths –
October  26, 2010 –

Perhaps this has happened to you:  The group of people you interact with on a daily basis has changed.  You have some old friends that you haven’t connected with in ages.  Some groups or activities that once were wonderful, now no longer serve you.  Your interests have changed – or theirs have – or something has.  If you have had this experience you may wonder what is wrong and the fact is that everything is absolutely right.  On a Soul, or subconscious level, you have changed.  You are possibly vibrating to different things.  You are probably attracting the people who understand you in this moment – the you that you are today.  The activities you engage in now are ones you truly want to put your time and attention to.  It seems almost absurd to do something you don’t want to do and to spend time with someone who doesn’t share your passions or interests.

This is all part of the changes that are world is experiencing as it speeds along its evolutionary trajectory and our new position in the Galaxy.  Many parallel paths are forming and even though many of us are going in the same direction, headed toward the same goal, our paths have become narrower and we share them with fewer other souls.  Since the perception of time is changing for many of us, and we don’t seem to have as much of it, it is only practical to use what we have efficiently.  That means no more time spent on things that don’t feed our soul, or enrich our lives (and yes, a job you don’t overwhelmingly love is still enriching your life if it helps pay the bills).

There are many lovely and wonderful people I used to see regularly, that I just don’t see anymore.  I still care about them and wish them well in whatever they are endeavoring to do, but at this particular moment in time we aren’t engaged in the same activities, and so we are walking parallel paths.   I think this whole scenario of changing relationships is giving us a glimpse of what relationships are like in the higher dimensions.

Can you imagine for a moment what it will be like when we leave the physical body behind, and live life purely as Soul?  Pretend for a minute that you could be with anyone you chose by merely thinking about them?  Who would you choose?  Where would you go?  Wouldn’t you be drawn to the other souls through your heart and your love?  Perhaps through your passions and your interests?  I think we’re getting to practice that right now while still in body.

It’s ok to allow yourself to be led to the people and activities that bring you joy.  It’s ok to walk away from something that may have served you yesterday, but doesn’t serve you today.  If you are living from your heart, and living from your love, you will always to led to the next right person and the next right thing.  Happy journeying.

Blessings, Elaine


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