Past Behavior – Future Prediction –

January 24, 2012 –
Past Behavior – Future Prediction –

Once in a while I watch Dr. Phil.  Once in a while I agree with him about something.  Many times I don’t.  One of his favorite things to tell people is that ‘the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior’.   That may have been true at one time.  It’s not true anymore.

The world is changing.  People are changing.  We’re changing.  Energy is changing.  Trying to even give a future prediction anymore is risky business.  The future is currently just a blueprint that is written in the sand and anyone can change their own personal future at any time.  Mass consciousness can change the direction of the planet in any given moment.  That’s why it is so important that there are a lot of us looking forward with love and trust.  Our beliefs, and thoughts and feelings are that important.  We are creating our future world – right here in 2012.

Please accept the responsibility for being a part of the creation of the new world seriously.  We don’t have much time before the cosmic votes are counted and we settle onto the road that we have all decided upon.  2013 and beyond can be as glorious as we intend them to be.  Whatever you decide, this is going to be one amazing year!

Blessings, Elaine

Diane O’Neill and I are offering a new format for our classes. You get a group of friends together and we will teach whatever metaphysical topic you are interested in. Topics may include: 2012, we are here: now what? Meditation, How to change your perspective and move out of fear, How to say no, etc. —-You come up with the topic and we will teach it.

Some people have also expressed interest in a more informal discussion, question and answer type format, and we’d be really happy to do that for you too.
So get your friends together, plan a simple party, think about what you’d like to know, and give us a call.

We’re both Reiki Masters and intuitives and will bring a lot of good energy and information to whatever you choose to host.

Elaine can be reached at
Diane can be reached at

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