path of spirituality

Path of Spirituality

New Time Line –

We are now living in a new timeline.  The Path of Spirituality is now going in a different direction. Mass consciousness of humanity has been making a decision (subconsciously for many) and the result of that decision is guaranteed.  It is as if we have pushed the appropriate levers and our train has now been directed onto a new track.   We knew the possibility for this track existed – even the Bible talks about a potential future of 1000 years of peace.  We’re now absolutely and undeniably on that track headed for that peace.  It’s an inner peace.  You will feel it in your heart.

In this year of 2012 we’re passengers.  We have a little time left to review our belongings and our attitudes and our beliefs.   This new track, or time line, has a vibrational resonance of beauty.  Is there still something in your life that is not beautiful?  Those non-beautiful things will be moved to the last cars on the train.  Those cars will be uncoupled later this year.  At that time whatever attitudes or fears you have discarded will be gone completely, as long as you have left them in the back of the train and returned to your seat.

There will be some people who can’t let go.  They will be hanging out in the last cars holding onto their stuff.  There will be provisions made for them once the uncoupling has been completed. We  can only wish them well and trust in God’s love for them.   It will be a long while before this particular ascension train shows up again for them – but it will come in time.

And for the rest of us?  Our train will be lighter after the uncoupling.  It will pick up speed on the path of spirituality.  The landscape will begin to change.  Little by little, moment by moment, and day by day we will realize that life is different and it is new.  It’s ok to celebrate now.  The new timeline is assured.

Many blessings, Elaine

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