peace within the drama

Peace Within The Drama

Peace Within The Drama

What’s your peace quotient?  ‘Normal’ everyday life is pretty stressful – and peace is sometimes at a real premium.  It’s interesting to ask ourselves that question.  How much peace do I have during the day?  Am I constantly disturbed and thrown off center by the people around me and the situations I live in and work in?

If you go out in the world on a daily basis and interact in the stores and schools and hospitals and businesses, it’s all pretty busy.   There are certainly some calm beautiful places here on Earth, but we usually have to look for them and seek them out.  We also have to do the same with the peace that resides within us. We have to look for it, and seek it out, and often create it for ourselves.

We can practice meditation, or positive thinking.  We can go to places that are still and beautiful.  We can sit or walk in nature.  The important thing to remember is, however, that peace rarely comes to us – we have to go and find it and create it. Once we do, we can carry it around with us all the time, if we so choose.  If you carry your peace you can go out in the drama of the world, and through the law of attraction, you might miss the rush hour traffic, or the clerk who is disrespectful, or the gossip session going on close by.

Through the law of attraction, your peacefulness will attract other peaceful people into your life, and so your inner peace quotient goes up automatically.

Those people with a lot of inner conflict and inner drama will inevitably find the news stories and TV shows to prove they are right – that things are bad and getting worse.  I choose not to go there.  I am well aware of the difficulties in the world, and I choose to do something proactive about them all.  I go into meditation and prayer and send love and healing and compassion – and peace.  Then I take action in my 3D world when appropriate, but I still remain as peaceful as possible.

Praise be to God for another blessed, peaceful day.

Namaste,  Elaine

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