Being Peaceful in a Chaotic World

Being Peaceful in a Chaotic World

Being Peaceful in a Chaotic World –

Never before in my life do I remember a time when there was so much unrest and distress around our presidential election.  This week a new president will be inaugurated amidst celebration, dissension, worry, fear, anger, self-righteousness, hope and distrust.  Are you finding yourself picking up, reacting to, and getting generally stressed because of the energy around you?  It’s happening to a lot of people.

On some level we are all empathetic.  We are, as a species, energetically connected to one another, and we feel what’s going on – with our friends and family members, our community, our nation and our world.  Often we are unaware of the source of our discomfort and we look around for somebody or something in our immediate awareness to be responsible for it.  With a degree of honest searching we can often find the source, but the source is not responsible for my reaction, I am.  And there is the key.  I am responsible, always have been and always will be.  I am responsible for how I view something, how I evaluate something, how I respond or react to something and how I behave in the wake of something.

Chaos can be a real challenge.  Chaos can also be a real opportunity.  Your beliefs are being challenged.  Are you looking at them honestly to find out why you believed that way in the first place?  Once you are convinced that your beliefs have real substance and real value, and they are in danger, what do you do about it?  That my friends, is up to you.  I would hope that you, and I and everyone else on this beautiful planet would act, not react.  Action that comes from thoughtfulness, centeredness, balance, fairness, justice and truth will win the day.  Inaction results in a loss of personal power, and that would be the real tragedy.

How to be peaceful in a chaotic world?  By claiming your power over yourself.  But acting from a well informed, calm and determined center.  By being realistic about your life and what you can personally offer.  All of us, no matter what our circumstances, can offer the world our energetic substance.  We can radiate love, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, fairness, justice, trust, truth and hope.  We can communicate to others around us in whatever form is available to us in a calm, reasonable and responsible way.  We can stand up for what we believe in and pray for guidance as to what kind of action to take.

On this very important week, let’s picture our new leaders energetically bombarded by all of us, with the original concepts for our democracy:  truth and justice for all.  We the people are the majority.  If we can find a way to align our hearts for the greater good, we will be unstoppable.  Keep the faith.

Many blessings,

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